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Acupress-M Magnetic Pad with a belt

Price: 31.60 EUR



Acupress-M Magnetic Pad with a belt is a massage tool which combines acupressure and magnet therapy. It consists of a soft textile pad with a size of 32/17 cm. An array of plastic blossom elements, with built-in magnets, is securely attached on it.

The plastic elements work mechanically on the acupuncture points of the human body. This leads to an analgesic effect in the corresponding area and restores normal energy flow in the body.

For greater comfort, when massaging your waist, attach the pad to the belt.

The built-in magnets allow for a combined effect of magnet therapy and acupressure. Adjacent magnets are oriented in a repeating “north, south, north, south" pattern. A north pole has a relaxing effect, whilst a south pole provides stimulation. Together they help restore the body's energy balance.


Acupress-M Magnetic Pad with a belt has a positive effect on lower back pain, headache and insomnia. It provides a pleasant and relaxing effect and helps fight the stresses and strains of modern life.


Place the pad on the desired area to be massaged - head, neck, palm, spine, joint or pinna. For greater comfort, when massaging your waist, attach the pad to the belt. You could lie on it or massage the zone using your palms by applying a slight pressure combined with circular motion. Until you get used to the blossom elements, we recommend that you use the case we provide or perform the massage through a layer of clothing. For maximum effect, however, direct contact with the skin is recommended. The massage pressure should be at the upper limit of comfort zone, based on your preference. Initially you will feel a slight prick for a few minutes, which will gradually give way to a pleasant warm sensation. The warmth is a result of an increased blood flow to the area.

For maximum effect, apply the pad for at least 15-20 minutes.

If you suffer from insomnia lie down and, for about 10-15 min, massage successively all head zones.

To help a child suffering bedwetting, let the child lie in bed with the pad over it's bladder. Press slightly with your palms for about 15 minutes. Then place the pad under the child's girdle area and let the child lie for another 15 minutes. The best time of the day for doing the procedure is in the evening.

To gain a maximum effect, massaging the child's legs before the procedure with Acupress-M Foot pads is recommended.

The overall effect on the body is extremely beneficial when using the pad together with Acupress-M Foot pads.

We recommend massaging your palms and feet simultaneously. In a sitting position, with your feet on the foot pads, massage your palms with the pad.

At the end of the procedure, when your feet are already accustomed to the sensation, leave the pad aside, rise to your feet and remain in this position for a few minutes. Thereby the pressure on acupuncture points of the feet will increase and this will lead to a better effect.

Please take care when using all ACUPRESS-M products! Do NOT use ACUPRESS-M with magnets during pregnancy or menstruation. Do not apply them on any problematic skin areas or varicose veins. People with a pacemaker should use ACUPRESS-M products without magnets.

ACUPRESS-M massaging products are not medical devices and are not intended to treat or relieve any type of medical condition. If you suffer from a medical condition please consult a doctor.

You should not leave ACUPRESS-M products with magnets near monitors, TV, laptops, mobile phones or other similar devices because magnetic field can damage them or deteriorate their performance.

Because of the presence of sharp surfaces ACUPRESS-M massaging products must be kept away from children.

All our products are suitable for personal use without assistance. For hygienic reasons, we do not recommend a shared use of our products. Once tried by an individual they should be used further only by the same person.

ACUPRESS-M products can be combined with other medication, prescribed by your doctor.

There is no limit on how many times you use our massaging tools. You can enjoy a relaxing massage whenever you need it or desire it!



Plastic blossom elements: Polystyrene


Acupress-M Universal pad: 100% polyester

Acupress-M Foot pads: 40% polyester, 30% Penopolyurethane, 30% cotton (30% artificial leather for some models)

all other models - 60% polyester, 40% cotton

Elastic - 60% polyester, 40% rubber fibre

Velcro - 100% polyester

Мagnet - diameter of 10 mm, 380 mT (milliteslas)


CLEANING: Hand wash with soap in cold water. Do not spin-dry!


Feedback from our customers:


HRISTO YOTOV – 60 years old

After a jerk I remained in a bent position. On the same day I began a procedure with Acupress - M Pad with a belt because of the severe pain I had in my waist area. After the third procedure, I felt much better. Since then my pad has always been with me especially when I travel. I know I can always rely on it to relieve my pain.


ASYA KAMENOVA – 54 years old

I had discopathy and hard pain in the waist. Unfortunately, all the pills and creams I tried had only a temporary effect. Then a friend of mine told me about the Acupress-M products. I bought the Acupress - M Pad with a belt. After the second procedure I felt better and haven’t taken analgesics since then.